'A masterpiece of swirling, brooding, often epic drama...
it grabs you and refuses to let go'  Fatea
'The best thing I've heard this year '   F or Folk's Sake   ​.
'One of the year’s most exhilarating, exciting and visceral debuts, they deserve to be huge FRUK
'A dazzling jewel..unexpected, and extraordinary Tribune

The Amazing Devil, the vanguard at the forefront of a folk revolution, await your company.

Following the release of their debut single King, and their astonishing, acclaimed debut album
Love Run , this new Soho-based eight-piece band are rapidly gaining a cult following with their raucously broken,
heart-on-ripped-and-ragged sleeve live gigs.

They are:
Scarlet Scarlet - vocals
The Blue Furious Boy - acoustic, vocals, piano
Catherine-Wheel - electric guitar
Hell Wish - cello, vocals
The Widdershin - flute, vocals
Omar Ghosh  - drums  
Old Man Lug - bass
The Fossegrim - violin



​                       'Love Run is an extraordinary debut disc by any standards, a masterpiece of swirling, brooding, often epic drama that manages to connect powerfully with our psyche. Tremendously exciting, it grabs you and refuses to let go.'
 - David Kidman,  Fatea
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                        '...I’m really impressed. Love Run is original, varied, engaging, exciting and very listenable. It’s the best thing I’ve heard this year and a fantastic debut.'

- Duncan Martin, 
For Folk's Sake
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                        '...And so, it ends where it began, the eight minute segue of the drums crashing mutant-shanty Not Yet into a reprise of Love Run suggesting the embattled protagonists of Fairytale of New York re-conceived by Jacques Brel for a Brecht cabaret scripted by Charles Bukowski...​One of the year’s most exhilarating, exciting and visceral debuts, they deserve to be huge.'
 - Mike Davies,
Folk Radio UK
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                        'This incredibly intense song wrings every last drop of emotion out of dramatic vocal performances, a cinematic lyrical set, and a churning full-band acoustic performance. Cello has rarely sounded so incredibly vibrant and necessary in folk-rock. The video that accompanies the tune is equally impassioned; it’s a rare thing that the video enhances the experience of listening to the song, but this one totally does. Highly recommended.'
       - Steve Carradini,  Independent Clauses
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25.09.17 The Islington, with support from Bread and Circus, Annie Rew Shaw, Robert Hallow
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      FIND TICKETS
27.10.17   Lost Horizons Folk and Acoustic Club at The Harrison, Kings Cross

23.11.17   Hawley Arms, Camden


28.02.16  The Job Centre, Deptford
29.02.16  The French House, Soho, 7pm 
02.03.16  The Society Club, Soho, details
10.03.16  Gerry's Club, Soho, 8pm, details
31.03.16  The Montague Arms, Queen's Rd, Peckham, details here su pport from James Carroll
14.04.16   The George Tavern, Shadwell, details here
05.05.16  Gaz's Rockin Blues, St Moritz, Wardour St, Soho
23.05.16  Gerry's Club, (Single Launch Party), Soho, s upport from Annie Rew Shaw and her Band
30.05.16 How the Light Gets In Festival, Hay-on-Wye
27.06.16   Phoenix Artist Club, (Album Launch Party) , s upport from Laura Batey and Robert Hallow
21.10.16   Hot Vox presents The Amazing Devil at The Spice of Life, Soho
9.11.16 Folk Lore presents The Amazing Devil with Robert Hallow and the Holy Men at Green Note, Camden
20.12.16 Christmas Special Live at Gerry's Club, Soho with support from Robert Hallow and the Holy Men and Lostboy
18.01.17 Phoenix Artist Club, Fundraiser for  REFUGEE COMMUNITY KITCHEN with support from Robert Hallow and the Holy Men
27.01.17   Green Note, Camden, with support from Robert Hallow and the Holy Men
5.02.17 Hot Vox and Front Row Centre presents The Amazing Devil at Zigfrid von Underbelly, Hoxton                                            
10.03.17   Camden Rocks presents The Second Sons with support from The Amazing Devil at Crowndale Club
07.04.2017 Dead or Alive presents The Amazing Devil at The Water Rats
10.05.17 Lost in the Manor presents Natalie Bouloudis EP Launch / The Amazing Devil / Sunshine Savage at Paper Dress Vintage
03.06.17 Dead or Alive presents The Amazing Devil at 229 the Venue, Great Portland St
13.07.17 Hawley Arms, Camden, support from Lostboy, FREE ENTRY 
01.08.17 The Furnace 01: The Amazing Devil and friends at Gerry's Club